About Our Company

GHM Stores Inc. was founded in 2009 by two childhood friends, born and raised in the middle of the most beautiful state of Idaho. Starting the business by selling a few non-mainstream products such as inflatable hot tubs, GHM Stores then moved onto more popular and widely accepted products. Providing only quality Home and Garden products to the public, GHM Stores is a small niche market e-commerce retail outlet servicing primarily the Home, Patio, and Garden industry.

Our Community to Yours-

As a small firm now located in Boise Idaho, Our Goal is to make big differences not only in peoples lives, but animals lives as well. Having a co-founder sitting on the board of the Idaho Humane Society, we are able to see where home owners fall short when it comes to their pets health and happiness.

The Founders-

Michael Zenoniani – Operations / Product Development

Michael has worked in the e-commerce industry for over 10 years and has built many relationships with customers and suppliers alike. Having started his online career from the bottom and working his way up, he has done a multitude of tasks when it comes to the operations of an online driven retail shop. Much of his success has come in the form of supplier contacts which has allowed GHM Stores to move into many markets while keeping the quality and price competitive.


William Shrum Finance / Accounting

William Shrum Co Founder
William has ten years of experience providing professional audit services to public and private clients in accordance with PCAOB, U.S. GAAP and statutory requirements. His responsibilities have included work on SEC filings, carve-out financial statements, benefit plan audits and the successful coordination of multi-location audits. William has managed several complex public Company audits for clients in a variety of industries.